What Is OLYMPIA...?

What Exactly Is All Of The HYPE About? How Does He Make Me Money?

Olympia Is World's Best Executive Assistant For Organic Facebook Clients

Yes, Olympia was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who don’t have an unlimited amount of time or money, can easily land high-paying clients right off of Facebook without doing any of the monotonous, manual labor that usually comes along with it!
Let me show you it works: 

1. Target Prospects

2. Say Hi To New Friends

3. Keep Track of Sales Pipeline

4. Book More Calls

Target prospects

Target High-Quality PROSPECTS That You Can Connect With… Simply Set Keywords That Your Dream Clients self-Identify With and Let Olympia  Send friend Requests Based Off those Keywords from your favorite groups! Or Prospects who engage with your posts ALL ON AUTOPILOT!

Say 'Hi' To New Friends

As soon as someone accepts your friend request, will Olympia automatically send them a customized Welcome Message to start a profitable conversation with a qualified prospect right inside of Messenger.

Also, you can make sure that your initial Welcome Message includes their first name, “{{firstname}}”, and dramatically increase your response rate!

Keep Track Of Sales

When you upgrade to Olympia INFINITY, you can utilize a built-in Messenger CRM to keep track of ALL of your leads directly inside of Messenger! With color-coded tags, you can keep track of everyone you’ve ever talked to in Messenger and make sure that you never lose a Messenger sale ever again!
(That means, you won’t ever have to leave Messenger to use another software to keep track of your leads!  Things happen fast in Messenger..  Who has time to spend updating the notes in another CRM every time you type a response!?)

Book More Calls

When you upgrade to Olympia INFINITY, you can begin to use the Canned Responses feature that will enable you to manage hundreds of more conversations each and every day!  More conversations lead to more booked calls which leads to more sales!  It’s a no-brainer!

Broadcast Messages

Send broadcast messages to your existing friends list directly from your Facebook profile! You can send up to 50 broadcast messages per day to individual lists of friends you’ve tagged inside of the Messenger CRM (with their {{firstname}}!! Imagine Olympia following up with all of your leads FOR YOU!  With Olympia INFINITY, you will be able to start profitable conversations with your lowest-hanging fruit so that you can land your first few clients immediately
after signing up for your Free 14-Day Trial!

Follow-Up Messages

When you Upgrade to Olympia INFINITY, you can tag potential Prospects Inside Messenger With Follow-Up Messages. No matter how many people you tag. Olympia will send each of them when the timer hits ‘0’. (Select 1 day, 5, 15, or 30 Days to follow up on your prospects). We’ve found out that 60% of our calls scheduled are done with a follow-up message. This feature was a no-brainer for us to add inside Olympia.

Host 6-Figure Live Events For FREE!

When you Upgrade to Olympia INFINITY, you can send hundreds of potential prospects to your Facebook Live Events. Imagine how much money some people are spending to host a live event, and pay tens of thousands of dollars, To get the same results we get for free using Olympia. Olympia Will Attract Your Dream Clients. The Only Thing You Need To Do, Is Close Your Clients. Welcome 6-Figure Months


Olympia Infinity Allows You To Access The Organic Direct-Response Strategies We’ve Personally Been Using. Once You’ve Gained Access To It… You Can Have Olympia Start Its Motion And Watch Its Magic Work Daily And Even While You Sleep.

Save a Ton of Time Channeling Your Outreach Strategies And Keeping Up With The FB Rules. Let Olympia Do It All For You. So Sit Back, And Let Olympia Turn Your FB Cold-Leads Into Hot Cup-Cakes. Straight From The Oven.

About The Creator of Olympia

Mike Geerinck is a Belgian Born Entrepreneur With a Huge Love For Marketing. He went to ‘The Vlerick Business School‘ To Learn From The Brightest Minds In Marketing & Sales.

In The Beginning, Mike Had His Team of 4 People Doing All Of His Daily Outreach With The Same tasks Over-And-Over Again.

He Decided To Make A Huge Change In His Routine, And Built Olympia To Automate This Entire Process. 

WELCOME OLYMPIA: After The Official Launch Of Olympia. Entrepreneurs Were Lined Up To Be The First To Try Olympia For Themselves…. And After Seeing The INSANE Results Olympia Has To Offer…. They’ve realized that they struck gold.

Watch Demo:

Fill your calendar in Less than 20Minutes per day. Host a Live Training/Webinar and get +500People showing up. This All On Autopilot.

“Since I use Olympia, I never need to worry where my next customer is coming from. I connect straight to my ideal avatar and can connect with them right after they accept my request. Another thing that I like about Olympia, is that it literally does all of my organic outreach, without that I need to be on my computer. Just having that & What Mike Clearly explains in his dashboard is the reason why I still have it”. Incredible software, complete game-changer and I feel like I just hacked my life right now. Mario Measschalck

I'm Giving You EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed In Organic Marketing & Live The Life You Always Wanted!

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Messenger Sales Script (Value $1.997)

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Facebook Funnel DWY (Value $997)

Building a Facebook Funnel to Drive Traffic To Both Your Facebook Profile And Offer Can Be Challenging If you Don't Have Experience With It. No problem. You'll find all the information you need in Olympia

Olympia Will Do 14-Days of Unpaid Labour for You.

Olympia Will Do 14-Days of Unpaid Labour for You.

Olympia Will Do 14 Days of Unpaid Labour for You.

Just like me, Olympia cares a lot for your business and is dead serious when it comes to
optimizing your organic marketing on Facebook.

When I first asked him to work for free, he got a tad bit annoyed (and cranky) because he wouldn’t do anything without a paycheck. BUT, we managed to come to a consensus and
Olympia decided to work for you, FREE for 14 days.
And I thought, why not spice it up a little…

So, for 14 complete days, you’ll get access to my proven organic marketing tools and
strategies (total value: $5,140) along with Olympia for FREE.

In these 14 days, you can leverage these resources and command Olympia’s magic to
quickly get your first client knocking on your door, with cash in hand.

And with what you’ve earned, you can immediately sign up for one of Olympia’s plans
when the 14 days are over, and land your second, third, fourth, tenth, hundredth client from
there onwards.
It’s basically a double win for you because you get to recover the cost of Olympia’s labour
AND grow your online business on Facebook EXPONENTIALLY!

But before you hit that bright orange button below, I have to say that I genuinely thought the earth was flat when Olympia agreed to work — for free.
So, I urge you to seize this opportunity before Olympia changes his mind! It’s not every day
that miracles like this happen.

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